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GSD and benefits of scentwork

28/10/2023 - scent

I own a German Shepherd Dog who is reactive with other dogs.  Doing scentwork has benefited him hugely and allowed him to have a job to do working his nose.  Scentwork is stimulating, rewarding and calming. Whilst participating in scent classes Rocco would check out visually observing other dogs and then would immediately think and decide he has a job to do!   Since doing scentwork he has become a much rounded balanced dog. He is able to work amongst other dogs finding scentwork beneficial.   So if you have a dog that may be reactive, we can assist in changing the behaviour giving your dog a natural outlet. Using reward based methods.   Scent work for reactive or nervous dogs allows them to engage in this activity and is a great stress reliever.

When doing scent work  Rocco's breathing rate would increase to 140 - 200 breaths a minute.  Therefore, 10 minutes of scent detection is equal to doing 1 hour walking.  As dogs are able to inhale and exhale simultaneously they find scent detection tiring.