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My name is Ruth. I am a mother of two children and grandmother of four. I was previously a Mental Health Nurse and after attending classes with my German Shepherd decided it was time for a change and am delighted to say I have found working with dogs is my passion.

I have had dogs all my life and currently own a Border Collie and a German Shepherd. I love connecting with animals and creating an ever lasting relationship. My GSD can be  reactive and he has inspired me to learn all there is to know about dogs.

I am an accredited trainer and with Dog Training College and  IMDT.   I have been fortunate to attend a mentorship program with a well known accredited IMDT trainer, Jamie Pound, who is  the Founder of UK Sniffer Dogs.  Since being mentored by the instructor, I have been able to train and become one of the UK Sniffer Dog trainers as well as learn all there is to know about dogs.  

Over the years I have been able to gain a better understanding on how the dog’s mind works whilst being able to work with dogs of all ages, species, and personalities.

I pride myself in offering bespoke training from puppies to adult dogs. With the emphasis of owners being able to develop everlasting relationships with their dogs and giving the dogs a fulfilling healthy lifestyle.

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