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Cyprus experience working with rescue dogs

04/04/2024 - Cyprus trip 2024 - Rescue dogs

I was able to support volunteers out in Cyprus and work with different dogs with basic life skills training and walk some of the dogs..   Many of the dogs at rescue pounds had very little or no life skill training.  Many were used for hunting and once they were of no use, sadly these dogs were abandoned, mistreated and physically abused.     

As well as working with different dogs, I was able to continue my development in training sessions, including importance of play,  (Craig)  First  aid for dogs, (Rachel Bean) Business studies (Helen Motterram) and the benefits of scent detection for all dogs of any age. (Jamie Pound).    Being able to experience this allowed me to develop lifelong friends,continue my CPD and learn from other trainers.   Understanding body language from dogs is paramount as it tells you alot about them.  Some would shy away and hide through fear or uncertainty.  Others were reactive towards people.    

A couple of dogs stuck in my mind,  one in particualr was a 10 year old German Shepherd who sadly had ben chained up throughout his life, and possibly mistreated physically.  He was extremely reactive towards other animals and people  most likely through distrust and fear.   I was able to just sit on the floor near his cage and without making eye contact toss treats toward him.  He was on this occasion very relaxed and remained lying down.   A very sad state of affairs s he will never be re-homed, and will remain at the pound.  

I also spent time with puppies and nervous dogs,  where I would sit and throw treats, or hold my hand out offering treats,  to see these dogs retreat very quickly through fear, and gradually start to trust me and become closer.  Some of the dogs were receptive to learning and very quicky would learn to do a sit,  or down.  This experience showed me the importance of taking time and work at the dog's level.    

Another dog I worked with is called Vas a 1 yr old German Shepherd Cross who I ws able to walk as they spend alot of time locked in a shelter and walkwrs are  desperately needed.  He was amazing to work with.  I was informed he pulls.  Vas was very responsive to positive training and we worked on loose lead walking.  He was an absolute gem.      This little gem was found as a stray malnourished, and spending time with ferral cats.  

This has been an amazing experience for me.  Many doors have been opened with many different opportunities within dog training industry.   I look forward to be able to support clients who may have rescue dogs themselves.  We often do not always know their history prior to being found and placed in dog pounds.

Anyone thinking of adoption check out the dog pounds menioned above, or donate to help give these dogs the best start in life that they deserve.